May 2021


1: Chris Hurn’s son couldn’t fall asleep.  

Their family had just returned from a vacation on Amelia Island, Florida.  Joshie, the boy’s beloved stuffed giraffe, had accidentally been left behind.

“Joshie is fine,” Chris told his son, “He’s just taking an extra-long vacation at the resort.”  The boy seemed to buy it and eventually drifted off to sleep, write Chip and Dan Heath in their terrific book, The Power of continue reading

Getting better at getting better is what RiseWithDrew is all about.

Monday through Thursday we explore ideas from authors and thought leaders.  On Friday, I share something we are doing at PCI in our quest to earn a spot of Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in the world.

At PCI, we will not be returning to our offices.  We’ve decided to continue to work virtually.  

Work from home.  Work … continue reading

1: “Growing up in the hot Las Vegas desert, all I wanted was to be free,” so begins Amy Purdy‘s story.

The day after graduating high school, Amy moved to the mountains in Utah where she pursued her passion for snowboarding.  “For the first time in my life I felt free, independent, and completely in control of my life…”

Until she wasn’t.  

This week we are learning how to … continue reading

1: The year was 1983.  Starbucks had four stores which sold only whole bean coffee beans and had no seating.  

Howard Schultz had recently been hired and was sent on a business trip to Italy.  “People think I’m the founder of Starbucks.  I was an employee when Starbucks only had four stores,” explains Howard, the former Starbucks CEO in Carmine Gallo‘s terrific book The Storyteller’s Secret.

While traveling … continue reading

1: The year was 2003.  Steve Jobs was about to reinvent the music industry.

“He persuaded millions of music lovers that it was a good idea to pay for something many of them were getting for free on peer-to-peer file-sharing programs,” writes Carmine Gallo in his terrific book The Storyteller’s Secret: From TED Speakers to Business Legends, Why Some Ideas Catch on and Others Don’t.

How did Steve do … continue reading

Earlier this year, PCI made the decision not to return to our offices.  We will continue to work virtually.  

We have office space in three states – all of which we are looking to sublet.

Work from home.  Work from anywhere.  That is our new reality.

There are some definite benefits to the “Work from Anywhere” model.  

Starting with avoiding commuting to work.  Each week we get hours of our … continue reading