1: And how do we create more of them?  

Those are amongst the questions Chip and Dan Heath pose in their terrific book The Power of Moments.

Chip and Dan share the research of Harry Reis, a social psychologist who has spent his career studying this mystery.

Turns our there is a simple answer:  Our relationships are stronger when we perceive that our partners are responsive to us.

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1: Getting better at getting better is what RiseWithDrew is all about.

Monday through Thursday, we explore ideas from authors, thought leaders, and exemplary organizations. On Friday, I share something about myself or what we are working on at PCI.

“Once people get upset at one another, rational thinking goes out the window,” FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss tells us in his book Never Split the Difference.

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1: As leaders, one of our most important responsibilities is communicating new, sometimes complex ideas and inspiring action to implement change.

What’s the best tool we have to accomplish this critical objective? We tell a “springboard story,” writes author Stephen Denning in The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative.   

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