August 2020


“Between stimulus and response there is a space,” writes Nazi Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl. “In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

One of the recurring themes of Rise with Drew is happiness and success have less to do with what happens and more to do with the meaning we make about what happens.

Awareness of this reality is … continue reading

Way down in the Grand Canyon, Peter Guber was hosting a five-day river rafting trip for ten friends on the ever-thrilling Colorado River, a.k.a The Big Wild Red.

The guys had become a rambunctious on his watch, Peter tells us in his terrific book Tell to Win

Pierce Brosnan (otherwise known as Bond…, James Bond), life strategist and author Tony Robbins, the NFL Network President and several high profile … continue reading

Life is about big moments and this was one of them.

Peter Guber had flown to Las Vegas to pitch Oscar Goodman, the city’s mayor and chief political gatekeeper, on building the ultimate state-of-the-art ballpark.

Peter was Chairman of Mandalay Entertainment Group. In his book Tell to Win, Peter writes Mandalay owned five uber-successful minor-league baseball teams across the country.

And, they had just purchased the Las Vegas … continue reading

After her father spent eight days at a Sharp HealthCare hospital in San Diego, Sandra Rhodes was profoundly grateful to the doctors and nurses who had saved his life.  

His experience as a patient?  

Not so much.

Her dad shared a small room with another patient. Hospital staff entered and exited without saying who they were or what they did. They rarely introduced themselves and seemed to lack basic human warmth.  “They treated … continue reading

For two groups of lifeguards at a community center in the Midwest, the answer was, a resounding “yes,” according to a study conducted by Wharton Professor Adam Grant shared in Chip and Dan Heath’s book, The Power of Moments.

This week we are exploring the power of purpose at work.  A definition of purpose I like is: Above and beyond making money, what difference do we make?

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It depends, writes Professor Amy Wrzesniewski of Yale University.

It depends on how they see their work.

Turns out we have a choice.  

Do we have a job?  A career?  Or a calling? 

We decide.

Amy has studied doctors and nurses, teachers and librarians, engineers and analysts, managers and assistants.    

Across each field, roughly one-third of people see their work as a job (“a necessity that’s not a major positive in their … continue reading

“Follow your passion” is the line most people remember from Steve Jobs famous commencement speech at Stanford University.

The research says Steve got it wrong.

Purpose trumps passion every time, write Chip and Dan Heath in their powerful book The Power of Moments. 

They site a study of high and low performers conducted by University of California, Berkeley professor Morten Hansen who looked at the impact of passion and purpose.… continue reading