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If our goal is to create a masterpiece day, where do we start?

According to philosopher Brian Johnson, we begin with our nighttime practices and habits.  What he calls our “PM Bookend.”

Step one, Brian tells us, is to create a “bright line” between the end of our work day and our family or personal time.

“Shutdown complete,” Brian calls it.  He suggests we decide when and how we will … continue reading

So far this week we’ve covered getting up an hour earlier to experience a “Miracle Morning.”    

Terrific.  That’s step #1.

But – will we be energized and ready to go?  

Today started lasted night, says Brian Johnson, creator of the Optimize Mastery program, year-long learning program I’m currently participating in (and loving!).  

In other words, the choices we make tonight will determine our level of energy and … continue reading