October 2020


Learning to become a great storyteller translates into business success.  

Great stories share common elements: challenge, struggle, and resolution.  And the story’s hero is the one who accepts the challenge, fights through the struggles, and achieves the resolution.

So far this week, we’ve looked at the storyteller as hero It’s Magic, the listener as hero How to Change the World, and the customer as hero The Superman Story continue reading

As a walk-on fullback at the University of Maryland, Kevin Plank was annoyed.  Every time he worked up a sweat, his cotton workout clothes weighed him down.  So, he created an undershirt made out of women’s lingerie fabric that wicked the sweat away.

It worked.  During workouts, his new undershirt was lighter.  It kept his skin cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, Peter Guber shares in his … continue reading

It’s 1985.  The Los Angeles Lakers have just won game five of the NBA Finals to take a 3-2 series lead against the uber-talented Philadelphia 76ers.  They are one win away from being World Champions.  

But their best player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of the greatest scorers in NBA history, has sprained his ankle.  He’s out for the rest of the series.  

“So even though we’re ahead three to two,” Lakers … continue reading

Our goal?

To create “masterpiece days.”

This week we’ve looked at the importance of our morning and evening routines, what philosopher Brian Johnson calls our AM and PM bookends.  I’m currently enrolled in Brian’s year-long Optimize Mastery program which has been an incredible learning opportunity.  

One of the key elements of Brian’s AM bookend is meditation.  We aim to practice “paying attention to our attention.”  We begin by focusing on … continue reading

If our goal is to create a masterpiece day, where do we start?

According to philosopher Brian Johnson, we begin with our nighttime practices and habits.  What he calls our “PM Bookend.”

Step one, Brian tells us, is to create a “bright line” between the end of our work day and our family or personal time.

“Shutdown complete,” Brian calls it.  He suggests we decide when and how we will … continue reading

This week we are exploring philosopher Brian Johnson’s idea of creating masterpiece days. Brian suggests we focus on the beginning and end of our day because this is where we have maximum control.  

Today we begin looking at our evening habits and practices, what Brian calls our “PM Bookend.”

Which starts with this insight: how we end yesterday will directly impact today.  Brian encourages us to make the connection … continue reading

What makes for a great life?

According to philosopher Brian Johnson, a great life is simply a procession of great days.

Masterpiece days, he calls them.

And what are the elements of a masterpiece day?

That’s what we are going to explore this week.  

I’m currently enrolled in Brian’s yearlong Optimize Mastery program.  It’s been a fantastic learning experience.  Living a good life is at the core of … continue reading