Ritz Carlton


Select. DevelopEngage.

These words are at the heart of Ritz-Carlton’s three people processes which result in a powerful, positive workplace culture where team members are inspired to create memorable experiences for hotel guests.

Client delight begins with engaged Ladies and Gentlemen, what Ritz-Carlton calls its employees.

Today, we turn to how Ritz-Carlton engages it’s Ladies and Gentlemen.

Strategy #1: The “Daily Line-Up.”

The Daily Line-Up occurs in every day … continue reading

This week we are exploring “the system behind the smiles”: three key “people processes” Ritz-Carlton uses to create world-class guest experiences.  These best practices were shared by Ritz-Carlton as part of a six-hour virtual training I had the privilege of attending earlier this year. 

1: Happy clients are the foundation of all successful companies.  Happy clients buy more and tell their friends.  

Happy clients = Happy company.

But Ritz-Carlton understands memorable … continue reading

1: How does Ritz-Carlton consistently deliver world-class customer service across more than 100 luxury properties and more than 40,000 staffers?

How does the firm “operationalize” its motto of “Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”?

Earlier this year I had the privilege of participating in a six-hour virtual training during which two answers became apparent.

Number one: “Employee engagement ties to client engagement.”  The hotel believes that memorable customer service does not happen without … continue reading

Yesterday we looked at several elements of The Ritz Carlton Gold Standards.  

Today we turn to the final element: the firm’s “Service Values: I Am Proud To Be Ritz-Carlton.”

Each of the hotel’s 12 Service Values fall into one of three buckets. Together these areas make a diamond, what they call the “Sixth Diamond.”

The lower level of the diamond is Functional. The focus is on the basic requirements to prevent … continue reading

How does one of the world’s great brands deliver consistently memorable customer service?  

As we would imagine, there is nothing haphazard about their approach.  They are intentional.  Deliberate.  Specific.

It begins with the Ritz-Carlton motto: “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

Like all great catch phrases, the Ritz-Carlton motto is memorable.  It communicates exactly what makes Ritz-Carlton unique.

Next up is the Ritz-Carlton Credo which was introduced in 1985, shortly after … continue reading

Ritz-Carlton does not hire people.

It “selects” them.

Words are important.  What we call things matters.  At Ritz-Carlton, they believe the word “hire” suggests a short-term job.  To “select” someone implies a long-term career.

And, the emphasis is on long-term.  The hotel’s focus on retention has resulted in a significant reduction in overall turnover: From over 50% in 1991 to less than 21% today.  

Ritz-Carlton’s selection strategy is clear: Hire … continue reading

At Ritz Carlton, they differentiate between three levels of service.

There is the minimum level, essentially giving the guest what is expected.

There is a second level where the guest has a request and the request is fulfilled.

Then, there is the third level of service where the goal is customer delight.  This isn’t “customer service,” but a “memorable customer experience.”  Something unexpected.  Something that will be remembered.  This … continue reading

“Why do customers leave?” is part of the research conducted by the American Society for Quality.

9 percent choose to go with a competitor.  

10 percent leave for logistical reasons (move, death, etc.).  

Another 14 percent depart because of product or service dissatisfaction.

What is by far the biggest reason that clients leave us, scoring 67 percent?

An attitude of indifference on the part of a company employee or … continue reading