Select. DevelopEngage.

These words are at the heart of Ritz-Carlton’s three people processes which result in a powerful, positive workplace culture where team members are inspired to create memorable experiences for hotel guests.

Client delight begins with engaged Ladies and Gentlemen, what Ritz-Carlton calls its employees.

Today, we turn to how Ritz-Carlton engages it’s Ladies and Gentlemen.

Strategy #1: The “Daily Line-Up.”

The Daily Line-Up occurs in every day in every department of every Ritz-Carlton hotel around the world.  This practice is another Ritz-Carlton “non-negotiable.”  

The 10-15 minute meeting is an exercise in communication and alignment.  Everyone on the team receives the same message.  

The agenda begins with sharing the “Gold Standard” of the day.  Next, associates recognize other associates for providing legendary service with the presentation of “First-Class Cards.”  Then, the team celebrates birthdays and service anniversaries.  Finally, a leader reviews any property-specific information (VIPs, guest opportunities, financial information).

Strategy #2: Rewards and Recognition

The presentation of First-Class Cards during the Daily Line-Up is a key element of Ritz-Carlton’s recognition strategy.  The person being recognized receives the First-Class Card which details the nature of the exceptional service performed.  Also, they are recognized in front of their peers.

Ritz-Carlton also does a “Five-Star” award program each quarter to celebrate associates who set the standard in dedication to their work, positive attitude and overall best-in-class performance.  These awards typically include a sizable cash reward.

More tomorrow.


Reflection:  What regular, recurring meetings or events could my company use to strengthen our workplace culture?

Action:  Lead a discussion with a colleague or with my team about how we might learn from and apply some of the Ritz-Carlton practices

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