Steve Jobs


1: Steve Jobs‘ father prided himself on being a craftsman. He would finish the back of the cabinets he built even though they would be hidden against the wall.  

Steve learned early in life to: “Respect the craft and make something beautiful,” writes Ryan Holiday in The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph.

Steve adopted this philosophy as the founder and wildly … continue reading

Elon Musk is wicked smart.

“But when he explains technology to consumers he uses language even a sixth-grader can read,” observes Carmine Gallo in his book The Storyteller’s Secret.

“Welcome everyone to the announcement of Tesla Energy.  What I’m going to talk about tonight is a fundamental transformation of how the world works, about how energy is delivered across Earth,” Elon Musk began his remarks about Tesla’s new Powerwall … continue reading

“Follow your passion” is the line most people remember from Steve Jobs famous commencement speech at Stanford University.

The research says Steve got it wrong.

Purpose trumps passion every time, write Chip and Dan Heath in their powerful book The Power of Moments. 

They site a study of high and low performers conducted by University of California, Berkeley professor Morten Hansen who looked at the impact of passion and purpose.… continue reading