“If you don’t know where you are going, you might not like were you end up,” David Bach tells us.

The calendar is getting ready to flip over.  A new year is around the corner.  

A chance to start again.

I’m a big, BIG believer in goal-setting.  Why?

Setting thoughtful objectives for the coming year can transform your life.

Reason #1: As soon as we become clear on a goal, our subconscious mind goes to work closing the gap between our current state and the desired future state.  Setting goals creates positive, creative tension that propels us forward.

Reason #2: When we set a goal, possibilities begin showing up that will help us in pursuit of the desired objective.  It’s similar to what happens when we buy a new car.  Magically, the roads are full of our new make and model.  Everywhere we look we see another one.  Was there suddenly a buying spree of our new car?   Nope.  We are simply now more aware of our brand of car and take notice as we drive around town when we see other cars like ours.

The same thing happens when we set a goal.  All of a sudden, we notice opportunities to help us achieve our goal which would otherwise escape our notice.  

This week I’ll be sharing a goal-setting framework I’ve used for the past four years as well as (even more importantly) a simple process to achieve those goals.

My process is based on an article by Trent Hamm called “Developing a Real Plan for a Better Life.”  I like his methodology because it is straight-forward and comprehensive.  Over the past three years, I’ve experienced tremendous results personally and professionally using Trent’s framework.

More tomorrow.


Reflection:  Do I have an annual goal-setting process that is working for me?

Action: Commit to experimenting with the ideas in Trent Hamm’s “Developing a Real Plan for a Better Life.” (To be covered in detail this week in Rise With Drew)

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