May 2020


So far this week we’ve covered two high trust behaviors from Stephen M.R. Covey’s powerful book The Speed of Trust: Listen First and Make and Keep Commitments.  

Today we tackle the third: Extend trust.  

For some of us, this is the tough one.

We’ve been taught to make someone earn our trust… “I’m not going to trust you until you prove you are trustworthy.” 

That’s one way to live life.… continue reading

Of all Steven R. Covey’s powerful ideas and frameworks (I am a HUGE Steven Covey fan!!), my absolute favorite is the Circle of Influence vs. The Circle of Concern.

Steven asks us to consider: how do we spend a majority of our time?  Do we focus our time and energy on things about which we have no real control?  Or, do we focus our efforts on things we can impact … continue reading

Yesterday we talked about listening first, one of the high trust behaviors outlined in Stephen M.R. Covey’s terrific book, The Speed of Trust

Twice I’ve had the good fortune of being part of the Stagen Leadership Academy’s year-long Integral Leadership Program (ILP).  Talk about a peak learning experience.  Wow.  That’s something I highly recommend to anyone interesting in becoming a more evolved leader.

The first module of the ILP is … continue reading

Each week we are doing a deep dive into a different topic and this week we’ve been looking at some of the key takeaways from Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage.  We’ll wrap it up this week by looking at the implications of boosting happiness on workplace culture.
Question:  Is it surprising that leaders who cultivate happiness in the workplace also drive overall productivity and success?  
Shawn shares the research … continue reading

So far this week, we’ve learned a couple of key lessons from Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage. First, happiness is more than a feeling; it is an indispensable ingredient of our success. And second: there are some serious benefits to being happy.    

Shawn then raises the question: “Well, that’s great for the happy people, Shawn, but what about the rest of us??” 

There’s good news here, too.  In recent … continue reading

Yesterday, we covered the main idea from Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage: that being happy is an indispensable ingredient of our success.   

The book is packed with interesting research and evidence that back up Shawn’s assertion.   

One longitudinal study of happiness was done by reviewing the diary entries of 180 Catholic nuns who were asked to write down their thoughts in an autobiographical journal.  More than fifty years later, … continue reading

One of the central ideas of Stephen M. L. Covey’s book The Speed of Trust is that to build trust, we must be persons of high character.

But Covey tells us: that’s not enough.

Character is about being virtuous.  It’s about cultivating a moral code which we use to make decisions and live life.  In Ryan Holliday’s excellent book Stillness is the Way, he writes the Stoics believed that … continue reading