This week we are going to be looking at some of the insights from The Happiness Advantage written by Shawn Achor.  

Each year at PCI we have at least one book club where we read and discuss a relevant business or self-development book.  The Happiness Advantage was our 2020 selection.  These reading/discussion groups have been a key element of our workplace culture at PCI dating back to 1997.  The very first book we read and discussed was Built to Last by Jim Collins Jerry Porras – still one of my very favorite books.  We have a simple rule for all our book clubs: we will buy the book for anyone in the company who volunteers to join the discussion and commits to reading it!  

The main idea from The Happiness Advantage is that happiness is not just a good feeling.  It is also an indispensable ingredient of our success.  

Shawn writes that we are wired and taught to believe that if we work hard, we will be successful.  Then, once we are successful, then we will then be happy.  The only problem with this paradigm is it is… WRONG!  In fact, over 200 studies show that the inverse is true: happy people are more successful.  

Shawn does a terrific job of covering many of the key principles of positive psychology and in upcoming posts I will share how we can use these ideas to live a happier and more successful life.  For more information about Shawn’s message, check out his powerful and entertaining TED talk.  

Reflection:  What do I believe is the relationship between success and happiness?

Action: What is a small, intentional action I could take today to bring some joy into my life?

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