March 2021


1: Philosopher Brian Johnson tells us there are three steps on our path to self-mastery.

Self-Mastery = Willpower + Habits + Algorithms.

We aim to use “our willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot.”

Monday we explored the role of willpower.  Yesterday we looked the power of habits.  Today, we turn to the third component: algorithms or autopilot.

2: There is a supercomputer inside our brain called the basil … continue reading

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their future,” says F.M. Alexander.  

One of my all-time favorite quotes.

1: This week we are exploring the different components of philosopher Brian Johnson‘s formula for self-mastery.  Our goal is to use “our willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot.”

Self-Mastery = Willpower + Habits + Algorithms.

Yesterday, we examined what … continue reading

Turns out it’s not that complicated, philosopher Brian Johnson tells us.

Self-Mastery = Willpower + Habits + Algorithms.

Put another way, we use “our willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot.”

When we learn and apply this formula in our lives we allow the best version of ourselves to show up regularly. This is one of my main take-aways from taking Brian’s year-long Optimize Mastery online course.

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Cy’s team was in revolt.

They had just learned that they were to move their offices for the fifth time in one year.

They had muscled through the first two moves with a positive outlook.  Moving was a pain, but if that was what the business required, everyone wanted to do their share.

When they moved the third time, they began experiencing serious headaches.  Literally.  Their new space had unacceptable … continue reading

Yesterday, we looked at the difference between confidence and ego.  Confidence is believing in ourselves and our capabilities.  Confidence is a very good thing.

Ego creates stories which let us off the hook, allow ourselves to look good, make us feel safe, or excuse our lack of action.   

An ego-filled workplace is one filled with drama, Cy Wakeman tells us in her book No Ego.

The really disturbing news?… continue reading

Confidence is a good thing.

Confidence involves believing in ourselves and having faith in our abilities.

So, ego is a good thing, right?

Not so fast, writes Cy Wakeman in her terrific book No Ego.

Confidence and ego are not the same thing.

Ego operates out of self-interest.  It seeks approval, accolades, and validation. Ego wants to be seen as “right” at all costs. 

When ego takes over, bad behavior … continue reading

The patient was furious.

So was Stephanie. 

She stormed into her supervisor’s office and slammed the door, Cy Wakeman writes in her book No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Workplace Drama, End Entitlement, and Drive Big Results.

A nurse at a major Midwest medical center, Stephanie had just started her shift.  After entering the patient’s room, she consulted the digital medical record and then began explaining … continue reading

News flash: Life is busy.

Of course, it is.  

There’s always more to do.  More emails to answer.  More texts needing a reply.  More social media posts to scan. 

Beeping.  Buzzing.

More.  More.  More.

Then, there is our actual work.  And, our families and friends to love and attend to.

In my case, I’m also driven by the goals I set.  Things I want to get done.  Things I will … continue reading