News flash: Life is busy.

Of course, it is.  

There’s always more to do.  More emails to answer.  More texts needing a reply.  More social media posts to scan. 

Beeping.  Buzzing.

More.  More.  More.

Then, there is our actual work.  And, our families and friends to love and attend to.

In my case, I’m also driven by the goals I set.  Things I want to get done.  Things I will get done.  

Setting and achieving goals is one of my strengths.  

And, as my late friend Deborah Dale used to say, “What makes you good makes you bad.”  

In other words: Too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing.

I’ve set a goal this year to savor life more.  Which is different from devouring it.  

Being purposeful is a good thing.  Having things to do is a good thing.  “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”  Indeed. 

But, too much urgency, too much busyness gets in the way of connection.  Of being in the moment.  With someone else. 

Savoring this moment.

A choice we get to make.


Reflection:  Are there areas of my life where busyness gets in the way of connection?

Action:  Set an intention to savor a moment today.

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