When we feel our worst…

When things are not going our way…  

When life seems too much…

Instead of giving in…, 

We get more committed.

That’s called heroic stamina, Brian Johnson tell us.

The worse we feel, the more committed we are to flourishing, to expressing the best version of ourselves.

Brian calls this lesson the most important part of the work to be done in his year-long Optimize Mastery online class.

How do we do it?  

We ask ourselves: What would the best version of me do right now?

We cultivate our heroic presence.  We show up with intensity.  We practice our philosophy moment by moment.  Feelings follow behaviors.  The sublime comes through the mundane. 

We train like our lives are at stake.

Because they are.

“Obstacles make me stronger.”

This is my favorite of Brian’s heroic mantras.  These are tools of the mind.  We say: “Bring it on,” not “Make it go away.” 

As Optimizers, we aim to comfortable being uncomfortable.  We know we have infinite potential on the other side of our comfort zone.

We realize the only thing within control is our ability to choose our response.  The heroic question is: What’s the best possible response right now?


Reflection:  When I’m on, what do I do?

Action:  At least once today, intentionally close the gap between how I’m currently showing up and the best version of myself.

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