Turns out ancient wisdom and practical science are more alike than we might realize.

Both Aristotle and Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, agree human beings are meant to flourish.  

Not only that, they also agree on how we can flourish.

By living a life of virtue.  

This idea is at the center of Brian Johnson’s year-long Optimize Mastery Course.  

Aristotle refers to this concept as eudaimonology (flourishing) by arete (virtue).  The highest good in life is to live with a good soul.

Martin Seligman also believes we flourish by putting our virtues into action.  He offers a free online survey which helps us identify our five top signature character strengths or virtues at viacharacter.org.

Brian points out we all have the opportunity to express the best version of ourselves in each moment.  When we become aware there is a gap between this highest, best version of ourselves and how we are currently showing up, we can choose to close the gap.   

This is the space between stimulus and response that Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl writes about:  “In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Brian calls this ability “flipping the switch.”  Doing so leads to a deep sense of joy.  

The best part?

This power is available to all of us.

Reflection:  Who am I at my best?  What behaviors do I demonstrate?

Action:  Intentionally “flip the switch” and choose to close the gap between how I’m showing up and my best self.  Today!

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