The power of story has transformed PCI . With the launch of StoryCause, we dedicate ourselves to allowing story to transform nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to advance their ability to engage donors, build deeper relationships, and drive transformational giving.

As human beings, our need to connect, to tell stories, and to share our oral tradition runs deep. Our stories reflect our history. And our humanity. They connect us at our core, to the past, and to the future.

Right now, across the world, there are millions of untold stories lying dormant in the hearts and minds of donors. Stories of meaning. Inspiration. Love. And connection.

Uncovering, preserving, and sharing those stories is what StoryCause is all about.

For over 100 years, our parent organization, PCI, has focused on capturing data for our university and association partners. We update business profiles, family profiles, academic profiles, giving profiles, key interests, and much more. This updated data drives better contact rates and enables our partners to drive alumni and member engagement and raise money.  

Three years ago, we began capturing stories, and everything began to change. We recognized immediately that hearing a donor’s inspiration, priorities, and love for their alma mater was a game-changer.  

To date, we have collected over 1 million stories for our university and association partners.

With the launch of StoryCause, we are broadening our reach to include nonprofit organizations.

In philanthropy, stories are how we communicate our mission and our impact. To quote a recent article by Dr. Russell James, “Whatever road we take, the destination is the same. At the heart of any social cooperative behavior is story. At the heart of philanthropy is story. At the heart of fundraising is story.”

Stories play a critical role in how we teach and how we learn. Stories are an essential tool to describe our life experiences in a context others will understand. Stories have been used for generations to pass down knowledge.  

At StoryCause, we will focus on having authentic conversations with donors and asking the right questions to capture donor intent, state of consideration, and desired impact. Our goal is to capture every donor’s “why.” By telling their story about why the mission matters to them, donors connect with the nonprofit organization in a meaningful way.

With every story collected, with each person touched, we reaffirm and strengthen the relationships between the donor and the nonprofit organization. The depth of these relationships keeps donors more engaged, more connected, and more willing to financially support the nonprofit organizations that have profoundly impacted their lives.

At StoryCause, we have developed programs that leverage our extensive expertise with the telephone channel to focus on some key development areas:

o Planned Giving Lead Generation

o Grateful Patient Acquisition

o Donor Story Capture and Survey

o Sustaining Donor Programs

o Donor Stewardship Programs

o Mid-Level Donor Portfolio Management

o Oral History Publications/Giving Programs

Our advanced technology platforms enable us to translate conversations to text. This capability allows our Donor Care Team to be completely present in the conversation with each donor rather than be distracted by keying and summarizing responses.  

We are excited for this next step into these “new frontiers.”


Reflection: What nonprofit organizations do I support, and why does their mission matter to me?  

Action: Journal about the “story” that explains my connection.

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