Yesterday we talked about step one to living our new, more intentional life: get up an hour earlier to create a “Miracle Morning,” the title of Hal Elrod’s terrific book.  

Now what?

Hal tells us the idea is to come up with activities that impact all aspects of who we are: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.

He emphasizes the design of the miracle morning is 100% customizable. Your miracle morning is going to look different from the one he outlines which will be different from what I do. He does, however, give us a handy mnemonic which gives us plenty of ideas of how to spend this precious hour: S.A.V.E.R.S.

S is for Silence. Purposeful silence. Rather than start your day stressed and running behind, what if instead we started by taking a few minutes to pray, meditate or reflect?

A is for Affirmations. My note: this practice is not something I do, but I understand the value, especially if we suffer from ANTs (automatic negative thoughts). Hal tells us we can change our programming by saying or writing affirmations in various aspects of our lives – health, finances, relationships, etc. In time, our subconscious mind begins to believe it and act on it.  

V is for Visualizations. I do this as part of my journaling practice.  The idea is actively imagine what it is we want to achieve and why. All sorts of powerful…   

E is for Exercise. The idea here is to get our bodies moving. If we’ve blocked off one hour, we likely won’t have time to go to the gym or do a run. Hal recommends yoga. I do pushups and sit-ups.  Again, lots of options.

R is for reading. What a great way to start the day! Self-development books fit nicely with our overall theme of learning, growth, and getting better at getting better, but we pick whatever we like.  

S is for Scribing, i.e. journaling – another topic I’m super-interested in. We will cover in future posts.

Lots of ideas here – which is great. But what about those mornings when we don’t have time for a full hour miracle morning? Hal tells us to relax and fit in whatever makes sense. He shares a condensed, six-minute version:

Minute 1: Purposeful silence

Minute 2: Daily affirmations

Minute 3: Visualize day going perfectly

Minute 4: Gratitude’s

Minute 5: Reading

Minute 6: Move your body 


Reflection: What are the benefits of becoming more intentional about my life?

Action: Get up one hour earlier tomorrow and begin experimenting with my own version of the S.A.V.E.R.S.  

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