Abraham Maslow


1: What makes a great coach great?

Being an effective coach is not about becoming indispensable. If our goal is to elevate the leadership capacity across the organization, we do so by learning to coach ourselves. And then coach others to coach themselves.  

I learned about self-coaching from my friend, mentor, and coach, Dr. Danny Friedland, who passed away 18 months ago after a year-long battle with brain cancer. … continue reading

1: “Fight or flight” or “Pause and plan”?

As leaders and in life, how we show up is a factor of which part of the brain we are accessing, writes Dr. Daniel Friedland in Leading Well from Within.  Yesterday, we explored how when we are threatened or overwhelmed, the limbic system and other survival-oriented regions of our brain spring into action.

“When I get stressed and reactive, my … continue reading

PCI is a servant leadership organization. We have been practicing servant leadership for more than 20 years.

Dr. Danny Friedland believed there is a higher and better way of leading: Conscious Leadership, which he described as “servant leadership inspired by purpose.”

Conscious Leadership is “leading from your highest self in service of something larger than yourself,” he wrote in his book Leading Well from Within.

“Conscious Leaders focus on … continue reading

We recently looked at what makes great teams great.  

Great teams are committed. Commitment is created by starting with purpose. Which begins with intention. Not expectation. 

“Inside out” (intention) beats “outside in” (expectation) every time, says Dr. Daniel Friedland, author of Leading Well from Within.  Danny has been leading me through a process of self-coaching. This ability to self-coach ourselves and then teach other leaders to do the same so they can … continue reading

So, what makes a great coach great?

This week we are looking at the idea of self-coaching and then teaching others to self-coach themselves.  According to Dr. Daniel Friedland, author of Leading Well from Within, it begins with asking inspiring questions.

What is the desired outcome?  What am I here to learn?  How can I best serve? 

Learning to ask ourselves questions is at the heart of self-coaching. Doing so elevates … continue reading

When and how do we learn and grow?

This week we are looking at some of the lessons from Dr. Daniel Friedland, author of Leading Well from Within.

Danny tells us growth starts either with (1) an aspiration – i.e. we want to get better – or (2) when the s*** hits the fan (my words, not his).  

In other words, times of crisis or uncertainty are also opportunities to … continue reading