We recently looked at what makes great teams great.  

Great teams are committed. Commitment is created by starting with purpose. Which begins with intention. Not expectation. 

“Inside out” (intention) beats “outside in” (expectation) every time, says Dr. Daniel Friedland, author of Leading Well from Within.  Danny has been leading me through a process of self-coaching. This ability to self-coach ourselves and then teach other leaders to do the same so they can rise through powerful cycles of continual learning and growth is a powerful leadership model.   

Earlier this month, we looked at the power of establishing a consistent morning routine (H/T Hal Elrod).  Mostly, we looked at the mechanics – how and why to get up an hour earlier and different options for how we might spend this time.

Today, let’s look at the mindset behind the miracle morning.  

When we get up an hour earlier, we are priming ourselves for the day ahead. Think of it as priming ourselves for elevation.  

As humans, we are programmed to react. We are programmed to be safe.  But, we also have access to a different power: the ability to reflect.  And, like the great teams referenced above, as coaches self-coaching ourselves, we, too, want to start with intention.

Danny suggests: see this morning time as a gift.  We can be intentional about being open, kind, and curious – which Danny connects to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Ironically, by being open, we create a greater sense of safety: I can handle whatever comes up.  Kindness connects us with the belonging frame.  And curiosity enables us to cultivate significance.  

Starting the day with an open, kind, and curious mindset creates space for emergent learning.  

When we journal, when we meditate, when we pray, Danny advises asking ourselves a question or questions: Is what I plan to do next in alignment with my values and purpose?  

How can I contribute?  How can I be of service?

In this difficult moment, what am I here to learn?

How can I more fully connect with others?

How can I best express myself?

What is the most helpful question I can ask right now?

Ask ourselves a question and then trust in the flow of emergence. Answers arise in mysterious ways. Days later, we meet someone or read something – an idea, a thought, an answer…  Are we accessing our deepest intuition? I choose to believe these emergent ideas are divinely inspired.    

We can take this same mindset from our Miracle Morning into our day. When we are open, kind and curious, we don’t get knocked off balance. Or, when we do, we recover quickly by asking: What am I here to learn?  How can I use this challenge to get better?


Reflection:  What am I here to learn right now?

Action:  Set aside time tomorrow morning to reflect.

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