What exactly is “blissipline”?

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Two years ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in philosopher Brian Johnson’s Heroic Coach program. Brian tells us the way we optimize for peak performance is to focus on what he calls the fundamentals: sleeping , eating, moving, breathing, focusing, celebrating, and prospering.

What’s the difference between the amateur and the professional? The amateur ignores or gets bored by the fundamentals. The professional identifies the core fundamentals and then diligently and persistently does the work.

If we want to change our lives fundamentally and permanently, we pay constant attention to the fundamentals. To build a tall building, we need a deep and broad foundation.  

Put simply: “Greatness = Consistency of the Fundamentals,” Robin Sharma writes.  

We want to celebrate the fundamentals, not dread them. Michael Beckwith calls it “blissipline.” When discipline is done with bliss.  

When we get these parts of our lives right, not only are our highs higher, but our lows aren’t as low.   


Reflection: Which of Brian’s seven fundamentals is my biggest opportunity for growth, learning, and improvement?

Action: Discuss with a colleague or friend.

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