Memorable customer service.

That’s the stated goal at Ritz-Carlton.  Not “good.”  Certainly not “average.”  


What is the question Ritz-Carlton staffers are challenged to ask themselves every day?

How can we create memories?  

I had the privilege earlier this year to participate in a 3-day virtual training program by Ritz-Carlton.  Delivering a memorable customer experience begins with a mindset.  First and foremost, it’s a psychological challenge.  To elevate the guest experience, the hotel chain focuses on five words.

Word one: Attitude.

“Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”  That is the Ritz-Carlton motto.

Creating memories for their guests requires a specific attitude of service with every interaction.  Ritz Carlton’s approach begins with selecting the right people.  Ritz-Carlton seeks to hire people who passionately love what they do.  

Word two: Consistency.

Consistency is the hallmark of memorable customer service.  

“Every customer.  Every time.  Always.”

Ritz-Carlton associates are expected to be “on” with every single interaction.

To deliver at this level requires not only passion and pride but also perseverance.  Service can’t be excellent one day and then subpar the next.

Word three: Expectation

To create memorable customer service requires Ritz-Carlton staffers to not just meet expectations.  That’s just customer service.  

They must exceed expectations.

From the first day of training, Ritz-Carlton associates understand what is expected of them: Take every encounter and look to “Plus one” it.  Elevate the interaction.  Even just a little bit.  

Word four: Choice

Memorable customer service is a choice.  Ritz-Carlton does not teach people to choose to care.  It selects people who are already wired to care who choose to serve.

Word five: Trust.

Trust is the hardest thing to earn and the fastest thing to lose.  Memorable customer service is created by building trust with those we serve.

More tomorrow.

Reflection:  When have I experienced memorable customer service?  What made it so?

Action:  Have a conversation with my team or a colleague on how our organization can apply Ritz-Calton’s five words to enhance our customer experience.

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