1: PCI is a sales organization. 

We love sales.

For 100 years.  

My grandfather was a salesperson.  My dad was a salesperson.  I’m a salesperson.

And, to be a successful salesperson or a successful sales organization, we don’t focus on sales.

Think of it as “sales jujutsu.”

2: “Every client should be referenceable.”  That is our Goal.  Capital G.  Our goal is one of the five elements of our 5byFIVE along with our Purpose, our Vision, our Client Promises, and our Values, which we call theFIVE.

Here’s the thing.  If every client is referenceable, if every client says good things about working with us to their peers, to their colleagues, then we will get plenty of sales.

3: The newbie salesperson measures their success by the number of sales they get.  

“I got 10 sales today.  Today was a good day.”  

Or, “I got two sales today.  Today was a bad day.”

The experienced salesperson knows better.

The sale is the outcome.  And, as salespeople, we don’t control the outcome. 

Tying our success to the number of sales on the scoreboard makes for a frustrating life.

Instead, we focus on what we control. 

Our attitude. Our effort. Our preparation. Our thoughts. Our integrity. 

Instead, we focus on listening to the client.  Serving the client.  Taking care of the client.  

“Every client should be referenceable.”

The sales will follow.

As the great Zig Ziglar once said: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Sales jujutsu.

More next week.

Reflection:  When in the past have I observed this concept in action?

Action: Journal about it.  

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