This week we are exploring what it means to be heroic.  

This is the key learning from Brian Johnson’s year-long Optimize Mastery class.  Brian tells us our highest goal as human beings is to flourish.

How do we do that?

By living virtuously.  By expressing the best version of ourselves moment by moment.

Specifically, Brian recommends we focus on three areas of our lives: love, work, and energy.  

According to Freud, if we do work and love well, we will be happy.  

Brian suggests we add energy to Freud’s list because it is the fuel for everything we do.  Physiology drives psychology.  Of all the virtues, Brian tells us zest is most aligned with flourishing.

We begin by reflecting how we show up when we are at our absolute best in each area – energy, love, and work.  

We look backwards and forward.  

When in the past were we at our absolute best with energy?  With love?  With work?   

Next, we look to the future and envision the absolute best version of ourselves in each of these areas.

Tomorrow we will explore how to take these best versions of ourselves to create masterpiece days.


Reflection:  When in the past was I at my absolute best regarding love, work, and energy?  Imagine five years from today: Envision the absolute best version of myself in each area.   

Action: Journal my answers to the questions above.

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