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Two years ago, I participated in philosopher Brian Johnson’s Heroic Coach [hyperlink] program. The culmination of the program is a deep dive into what Brian calls the “fundamentals”: sleeping, eating, moving, breathing, focusing, celebrating, and prospering.  

Last Friday, we looked at the role gratitude plays in prospering. When we are grateful, we savor life. We savor life’s pleasures. The sweet ingredients of life. We can intentionally set aside time to replay our highlight reel from yesterday. Remembering all the good things that happened. When we do so, we boost our happiness and satisfaction. One of the benefits of a gratitude journal is that we experience these moments a second time.

But life isn’t always sweet. Life can be salty. Brian tells us we can choose to be grateful for these moments, too. We can savor the blood, sweat, and tears. We can savor the hustle, the determination, the refusal to give up. We can choose to be grateful for the challenges we’ve endured, the mistakes we’ve made, and the failures we’ve experienced. Because we know the seeds of tomorrow’s success are often found in today’s setbacks.

It’s not win or lose. It’s win or learn.  

Research shows the hard stuff in life – tragedy and trauma – often leads to deep learning. “Post-traumatic growth” many times follows hardship.  

So, we can choose to accept, to be grateful, for whatever life brings. The sweet and the salty. “Thank you for this challenge,” we say. “I appreciate the opportunity to practice.”

Brian’s highest goal for us? To master ourselves, serve heroically, and empower others to do the same.

More next week!


Reflection: Reflect on a challenging experience in my life. What did I learn? How have I applied these lessons?

Action: Journal about my answers to the questions above.

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