Yesterday we explored Ichak Adizes‘ idea around the importance of Mutual Trust and Respect.  When lacking, all available organizational energy is spent dealing with internal issues. Nothing remains to focus on the market and the competition.  

Can we create mutual trust and respect by talking about it?


Ichak tells us we must experience it. The good news is he outlines a sequential four-step process to create and foster mutual trust and respect:

1: Common Vision, Values and Mission.  No surprise: it starts here.  Do we know who we are and where we are going?

2: Functional structure. Do we have the right organizational structure that fosters diversity and not sameness?

3: Collaborative Process. Do we have a collaborative, disciplined team decision-making process?

4: Mature people. Do we have people capable of being trusted and respected AND who are able to trust and respect others? People with controllable egos who welcome disagreement because that’s how they learn. Who can disagree without being disagreeable.

[H/T to Greg Magennis for introducing me Ichak’s framework]


Reflection: Where is my organization’s greatest area of opportunity to build mutual trust and respect?

Action: Have a conversation or take action in this area.

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