This week we are looking at how to create what philosopher Brian Johnson calls “masterpiece days.”

So far we’ve looked at the connection between our evening habits and how we feel when we wake up to start our day.  

We extend that idea today by making the connection between the quality of our day and our how we start our morning.  

What Brian Johnson calls our “AM Bookend.”

“How you start your day is how you’re going to live your day,” Louise Hay tells us.  “And how you live your day is the way you live life.”

Step one is to get a good night of sleep.  

Next, we set ourselves up for success by beginning our day purposefully.  

The last thing many people do before going to sleep is look at their phone.  Then, as soon as they wake, they check their phone again.   

Brian urges us to do the opposite.  At night, we institute a “digital sunset” by putting away our electronics a minimum of one hour before bedtime to prevent the blue light from our digital devises from disrupting our melatonin and our ability to get maximum rest.  

Then, when we wake up, we continue in a “tech free window” by keeping our phone and electronics out of site.  Instead of starting the day in “reactive mode” by responding to other people emails, texts, and posts, we aim to be proactive and purposeful.

Our AM routine is a great time to pray.  Or meditate.  We can set aside time to read.  Early mornings are also the perfect time to think, plan ahead, and write in our journal.  

Brian also recommends exercising early in the day because of the 12-hour “mood boost” working out provides. The only downside is the time required to exercise may prevent us from doing the other AM routine activities referenced above. For this reason, writer Dr. Benjamin Hardy recommends exercising at mid-day.

Brian’s final recommendation is to continue the “tech-free window” into our morning.  Before checking email and messaging, we use the start of the day to connect with family and then tackle our most important project(s). 

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Reflection:  What are the benefits to me of a morning routine?

Action:  Experiment with getting up 30-minutes earlier and doing something purposeful with the time (prayer, exercise, meditation, journaling, etc.)

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