1: Getting better at getting better is what RiseWithDrew is all about.

Monday through Thursday, we explore ideas from authors, thought leaders, and exemplary organizations. On Friday, I share something we are doing at PCI in our quest to earn a spot on Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.

NEW FRONTIERS. That is our theme this year at PCI. As we answer this call to adventure, we’ve identified three behaviors or mindsets we need to embrace: We know we must DREAM BIG and PLAY HARD . Today, we explore the third ingredient in this mix: LOVE ALWAYS.

What!?! As Tina Turner sings: “What’s love go to do with it?

2: Love is not a word we talk about much in business. In our society, we celebrate the idea that commerce is cold and calculating. This way of thinking is captured best by Michael Corleone, as played by Al Pacino in the classic film, The Godfather: “It’s not personal. It’s strictly business,” he tells his older brother.

At PCI, that’s not how we see things. We believe business is personal. First, we believe our work matters. We exist to inspire dreams and transform lives. We believe there is meaning in what we do. Second, we believe in the incredible power of human potential. We seek to unlock the potential of all of our associates.

3: The word “love” has many meanings in English. By contrast, in Greek, there are four different words for love: first: eros, romantic love; second: storge, empathy, and affection; third: agape, unconditional “God” love; and fourth: philia, or friendship.

It is this fourth type of love, philia, which best captures the kind of love we can experience in our professional lives. Philia love is about enjoying other people’s company and character. It involves promoting well-being while cooperating with or befriending others.

“While all love involves relationship, philia emphasizes cooperation for the common good,” writes Christian philosopher Thomas Jay Oord. “Philia is the ‘alongside of’ form of love, that promotes well-being in solidarity with others.”

Philia is authentic friendship based on character – which captures the essence of what we seek to create at PCI.

We are an organization of like-minded individuals who share a set of values. We want to make a difference in the world. By inspiring dreams and transforming lives through our work, we seek to transform ourselves and those we serve.

More next week!

Reflection: Do love and business go together? Why or why not?

Action: Discuss with a colleague.

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