1: That’s the opportunity.  


By setting powerful 2023 goals and then achieving those goals through a simple process designed to optimize follow-through.

Over the past four years, I’ve utilized a goal-setting methodology from Trent Hamm titled: “Developing a Real Plan for a Better Life.” Implementing Trent’s framework has resulted in the following:

*The decision to get married!

*Tremendous progress on a new business opportunity called the Oral History Project

*Starting to write this blog (three years in May – haven’t missed a day!)

2: Our first step is simple: Decide which parts of our life we want to focus on in the coming year.

“One thing you can do to get ready for your session is to think about the key areas of your life,” writes Trent. “There are lots of lists of such areas and I think different lists work well for different people. For me, there are ten areas I really care about.”

I recommend reducing the number of categories to simplify the process. As you will see in later steps, there is quite a bit of work to do in each area we choose.  

If you are new to annual goal-setting, consider just two categories: personal and professional.

I’m a big fan of philosopher Brian Johnson who suggests we focus on three areas: love, work, and energy.

Another option is Steven Covey’s four types of intelligence: IQ (mental intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence), PQ (physical intelligence), and SQ (spiritual intelligence).

I’ve come up with six areas to focus on – which I call my “Six F’s:” Faith, Fitness, Family, Function (i.e., career), Finances, and Fun.

3: The next step involves blocking off time to work on our goals for the year in each category.

More tomorrow.


Reflection: What specific areas of my life do I want to improve in the coming year?

Action: Journal about the above.

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