Samurai Chant: “Expect nothing.  Be ready for anything.”

This week we are going to explore some of the ideas in The Way of Aikido by George Leonard.  The subtitle of the book is “Life Lessons from an American Sensei.” 

Early on in his aikido training, one of his teachers tells George: “What you do with aikido off the mat is really more important than what you do with it on the mat.” 

From the outset, George makes it clear the book is intended primarily for readers who will never take up martial arts.

So, is it surprising the aikido philosophy applies directly to our lives today?  Expect nothing.  Be ready for anything.

George writes of aikido: “Supremely physical, it is at its essence purely spiritual…  It is especially useful in maintaining balance, centeredness and composure in times of crisis, times of rapid and unpredictable change.”

Which is why I thought it relevant for us right now.

More tomorrow.

Reflection:  How has my life changed during the last four months?  How am I feeling?

Action:  Journal my answer to the question above

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