How can we remember to prime ourselves to be more present throughout our day?

Yesterday we looked at one strategy: pay attention to beginning and endings.  

This week we are exploring the wisdom of Dr. Daniel Friedland, author of Leading Well from Within, and the specific ways we can learn to self-coach ourselves and teach others to so the same. 

Danny shares another simple approach to prime ourselves: the 4 R’s.

R#1: Recognize this moment. Simply pause and take a breath. 

R#2: Reset.  Clear my mind. Scan my body for tension. Relax and let my thoughts, concerns, intentions melt away. Note: I have added my own variation to this step where as I exhale, I surrender to God. The bigger point is the freedom to modify the process to make it work for you.    

R#3: Refocus. Where do I want to focus my energy next? This is a great place to ask one or more of creative mindset questions: What’s important now?  What’s the desired outcome? What’s my highest intention?

R#4: Reengage.  It’s go-time.  

Again, a super simple approach to bring more intention into our day. 


Reflection:  What are the benefits to periodically deciding what to focus on?

Action:  Experiment today with the 4 R’s.

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