Peter Guber



It’s been a life-saver, certainly a business-saver for many of us over the past year as we’ve adapted and learned to communicate virtually.

So, what happens when the pandemic begins to fade?  What happens when once again we have the option to travel and communicate in person?

Will things go back to how they were pre-pandemic?

Highly unlikely.

And yet, in-person, face-to-face communication will likely still play an important … continue reading

Ever been in the audience where the speaker has lost their audience?

And, just keeps going with the prepared remarks?

How does it feel?

Bored?  Anxious?  Wanting to escape?

As a communicator, sometimes the situation calls for us to improvise, Peter Guber tells us in Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story.  We always have the option to capitalize on the energy, … continue reading

If we tell a story we don’t believe in, our audience will sense it immediately.

Like intention, authenticity and energy can’t be faked.  

This week we are looking at how to best deliver our message utilizing best practices from Tell to Win, Peter Guber‘s book about storytelling.  Peter quotes Williams College professor George Marcus who has studied the role of unspoken communication in the success and failure of … continue reading

Learning to become a great storyteller translates into business success.  

Great stories share common elements: challenge, struggle, and resolution.  And the story’s hero is the one who accepts the challenge, fights through the struggles, and achieves the resolution.

So far this week, we’ve looked at the storyteller as hero It’s Magic, the listener as hero How to Change the World, and the customer as hero The Superman Story continue reading

As a walk-on fullback at the University of Maryland, Kevin Plank was annoyed.  Every time he worked up a sweat, his cotton workout clothes weighed him down.  So, he created an undershirt made out of women’s lingerie fabric that wicked the sweat away.

It worked.  During workouts, his new undershirt was lighter.  It kept his skin cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, Peter Guber shares in his … continue reading