unlock human potential


1: As leaders, one of our most important roles is to unlock the full potential of each person on our teams.

One of the best ways to release this potential is to organize “Quality Circles,” Brian Tracy writes in his terrific book Sales Management.

This practice involves gathering our team for a specific one-hour time block each week to focus on a single question to drive “continuous and never-ending … continue reading

Getting better at getting better is what Rise With Drew is all about.

Monday through Thursday, we explore ideas from authors, thought leaders, and exemplary organizations.  On Friday, I share something about myself or what we are working on at PCI.

1: What makes for a great set of company or organizational values?

In last Friday’s post, I talked about the process we went through several years ago … continue reading

Three weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending an hour on a Zoom call with seven African American leaders at PCI.  The meeting was held prior to the horrific killing of George Floyd but following the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who went for a jog in his neighborhood and ended up dead.

I organized the call because I was interested in their perspective, thoughts and opinions … continue reading