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1: What makes for a great set of company or organizational values?

In last Friday’s post, I talked about the process we went through several years ago to update and revise our core values.  

We included all of our associates in the process.  We gathered their feedback and input and ultimately agreed upon these five values:

o Pursue Excellence Purposefully

o Unlock Human Potential

o Act with Integrity

o Innovate a Culture of Relationships and Fun

o Lead with a Servant’s Heart

2: Then, we set out to develop specific “PCI-centric” definitions for each value.  For example, one of the statements for our Act with Integrity value was, “Build Trust.  Make and keep commitments.”

Next, we engaged with Dr. Blake Hargrove, a trained social scientist, to develop and conduct a survey of our associates to help finalize the defining statements for each value.  Dr. Hargorve then organized several focus groups to review the survey results and revise and develop sentences exemplifying each of the five values.  For example, for our Lead with a Servant’s Heart value, the focus group added the word “love” to the statement, “Serve clients and one another with kindness and love while holding yourself and others accountable.”

As the company president, I met with a small group of associates to finalize the defining statements.

As part of unveiling our five values, we published an updated version of what we call “The Little Red Book” that contains our values, purpose, vision, objective, and five client promises.  

I hope this information is helpful.  Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to discuss further.

More next week!  


Reflection: Does my organization have a set of core values?  Do the values capture the essence of our organization?

Action: Journal about the questions above.  Discuss with a colleague.

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