1: We want things to run smoothly in business and life. But is this our ultimate goal?

This week we are looking at some lessons from Dr. Daniel Friedland, author of the terrific book Leading Well from Within.

2: Danny suggests we can see an organization as either a machine or a living, breathing organism.  

A machine has a function. The goal is to eliminate errors and maximize efficiency. When something breaks, we aim to fix it. Fast.    

An organism is an evolving life form, a complex system capable of growth and reproduction.  

3: Danny suggests that viewing our organization as a living, breathing organism is an unlocking move. Efficiency is good, but an even higher goal is to advance the relationships in which the work gets done. The greater goal is to inspire people to unlock their potential, purpose, and ownership.  

Our end is not finite but infinite: To spark ongoing growth and evolution. To create this type of environment, trust is essential. We aim to humanize our company and create space where people feel comfortable sharing their ideas, their opinions, and their passion. Becoming this type of organization inspires other organizations to imagine what is possible and embark on a similar path.

Learn, stretch, dream, go! Inspire and empower others to do the same.

More tomorrow!


Reflection: When in the past did our organization serve to unlock human potential?

Action: Have a conversation today where my goal is to seek to understand rather than to be understood.

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