Last week RiseWithDrew addressed a lot of theory.  Interesting, powerful, thought-provoking theory!  But theory, nonetheless.

This week we’re looking at putting some of the concepts from Dr. Daniel Friedland, author of Leading Well from Within, into action.

1: Be present.

2: Show up.  Don’t shut down.

3: Scary times = growth.

4: “The Infinite Curriculum:” Experience. Reflection. Action. Repeat.  

5: Pursuing relationships over efficiency.

In the aftermath of the horrific killing of George Floyd, as leaders, we have a choice.  One approach would be to ask: what does this situation specifically have to do with my business anyway?  Perhaps I should keep quiet and wait for the 24-hour news cycle to move on.  

Or, we can show up.  

Scary times are indeed scary.  But, contained therein lie opportunities for growth.  For ourselves.  And, for our organizations.

Last week, I shared my personal thoughts on the killing of George Floyd in a company-wide Zoom call (experience).  We then discussed (reflection) and decided (action) to hold an all-company “meaningful conversation” last Thursday.  Participation was voluntary.  More than 220 of our associates showed up and discussed their feelings in small groups of nine or ten (experience).  Afterwards, the group moderators shared their takeaways (reflection), and we decided (action) to hold another all-company “meaningful conversation” this Thursday to discuss further next steps.

Experience. Reflection. Action.  Which in turn leads to new experiences, reflection and action.  Rinse and repeat.

As PCI leaders, were we 100% confident all would go well – given the situation and the strong feelings involved?  Of course not.  

Did everything go as we had planned?  Well, we decided up front to be invested in the process, the conversations themselves.  Not the outcome.  

Our goal was and is to create space for our associates to share their personal experiences and to listen to each other.  To advance and improve the relationships in which our work gets done. 


Reflection:  How has my organization responded in the wake of the killing of George Floyd? 

Action:  Have a meaningful conversation today to discuss what to do.

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