In past weeks, we’ve explored Ritz-Carlton’s commitment to delivering “memorable customer service.” RWD, RWD, RWD.  This week we will explore “the system behind the smiles”: three key “people processes” Ritz-Carlton uses to create world-class guest experiences. I learned about their approach participating in a virtual training offered by Ritz Carlton called “Best Practices & Foundations of Our Brand.”

1: It begins with onboarding.  

All Ritz-Carlton new hires start on the same day.


Before being allowed to do anything in their new role, all Ritz-Carlton new hires must complete an intensive two-day orientation led by senior leadership.  

No exceptions.  A Ritz-Carlton “non-negotiable.” 

2: The objective of the orientation is to introduce new associates to the company, the brand, and their hotel, as well as to Gold Standards and the Ritz-Carlton service excellence culture .  

“We set the expectations very high,” we were told during the virtual training.  “There is no room for error.”

The orientation includes a presentation by the hotel general manager on the Ritz-Carlton Credo.

The goal?

Service excellence every day.

3: At the end of the first day, the trainer explains the Ritz-Carlton approach and standards may not be for everyone.  They ask: “By a show of hands, does anyone think Ritz-Carlton is not for you?”

For those who stay the expectations are clear.

“Every guest.  Every time.  Always.  With a big smile.  And a love for what you do.”

This is what it means to be “Ritz-Carlton proud.”

More tomorrow.


Reflection:  Evaluate my company’s onboarding process.  What could we learn from Ritz-Carlton?

Action: Do it.

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