Monday through Thursday we explore ideas from authors, thought leaders, and exemplary organizations.  On Friday, I share something we are doing at PCI in our quest to earn a spot of Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.  In the world.

The power is in the consistency.  One idea we can put into action.  Each day.  Everyday.  Together, we capitalize on the power of compound interest.  Together, we get better at getting better.  Together, we live better lives. 

1: Last week, we looked at one of Ritz-Carlton’s “non-negotiables”: all staffers participate in a Daily Stand-Up meeting.  This meeting happens every day in every department of every Ritz-Carlton hotel around the world.  

At PCI, we hold a daily stand-up for all of our operations associates called the 10@8:30: a ten minute meeting at 8:30 am each morning.  

Twenty years ago, I happened upon an article about a Canadian company who held a daily stand-up meeting and decided to try it out.  I’m a big believer in Jim Collins‘ advice from Built to Last: “Try a lot of stuff and keep what works.”  

The 10@8:30 is one of the things we tried and have never stopped doing.  This meeting works.  

2: Our agenda is similar to the Ritz-Carlton Daily Stand-Up.  

* Review 5byFIVE

* Key Stats

* Announcements

* Expanded News

* theFIVE value/statement of the day (see below)

* WOW stories

* Star Close

* Go Sell Something!

We begin by reviewing our 5byFIVE, which is what we call the pillars of our workplace culture: our purpose, our vision, our goal, our five client promises, and our five core values.  

Next, we review key metrics: the prior day’s contract signings, revenue, and projects scheduled to start.  We are big believers in transparency.  Reviewing these key metrics everyday gives us a chance to celebrate when things are good and shines a spotlight when things are not.

After announcements, there is a two-minute “expanded news” agenda item.  I present on Mondays.  On Tuesday through Friday, we rotate so all of our departments or teams have a slot to present something they are working on.    

“WOW stories” are about recognition.  As an in-bound contact center, we talk with about 10,000 people each day.  We survey each person we speak with about their experience.  We start by sharing one of the outstanding comments from the prior day.  

Then, we read our value of the day and open it up to anyone to share other “wows,” colleagues who have gone above and beyond to serve our clients.  The recognizer ties the wow story to one of our values or client promises.  From my perspective, this is the most important part of the meeting because it translates the words of our values and promises into action.

We wrap up the recognition by having the person who presented expanded news do the “Star Close” where they recognize a colleagues for demonstrating our value of the day.

Lastly, we end the meeting with everyone saying or shouting, “Go sell something!”  

3: We’ve been holding a daily 10@8:30 for almost twenty years now.  

We started when we were a much smaller organization.  Around 40 of us would gather together at our offices in Dallas in our large conference room, some sitting at our conference table, others standing around the perimeter of the room.

After we merged with our competitor who was headquartered in Virginia Beach, we would join the two offices virtually.  Post-pandemic, we all participate via Zoom. 

The biggest benefit of the 10@8:30 is not one I anticipated: this daily huddle breaks down the silos that naturally form inside any organization because people spend the vast majority of their time working with a small group of people.  Holding a short, daily meeting gives everyone a perspective that we are all part of a bigger, purpose-driven organization.


Reflection:  Would any of the ideas above translate to my organization?

Action: Discuss with my team or a colleague.

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