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Did you know we spend almost half of our waking hours at work? 

Here’s the math:

Seven days. Twenty-four hours each day. 168 hours total hours in any given week.

We subtract the time we sleep—8 hours x 7 days or 56 hours. 

Which means we have a total of 112 waking hours in a given week.

Assume we work a standard 40-hour week. Add an hour a day to get ready for work. And a 30-minute commute to and from work. All together that equals 50 working hours each week.  

50 working hours divided by 112 waking hours equals. . . 


45% of our waking hours are directly work-related!

Which doesn’t include the time we spend thinking or talking about our work outside of work hours.

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at this percentage as a big reason for focusing on the meaning in our work. Yes, we work to make money. Of course! And in addition to the money we make, we can also intentionally focus on the difference we make each day through our work. 

And there’s another reason to focus on the fact that we spend at least 45% of our waking hours at work.

If we hate what we do every day, you better believe it impacts how we show as a husband or wife, as a parent, as a friend, and as a member of our community.

Happy associates or team members are also happy spouses, parents, and friends.

Happy and engaged associates aren’t frustrated, discouraged, and always running on empty. 

Because when we enjoy what we do every day at work, we are positive and optimistic about the other areas of our lives as well. We have the energy to give to our families, friends, and communities.

More next week!


Reflection: Do I love what I do every day? Do I find meaning in the work I do? How does my work life impact other areas of my life?

Action: Journal my answers to these questions. 

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