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Monday through Thursday, we explore ideas from authors, thought leaders, and exemplary organizations. On Friday, I share something we are doing at PCI in our quest to earn a spot on Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Satisfied clients. That’s the goal for most organizations.  

At PCI, we believe happy associates = happy clients. This is our business strategy. We start close-in with our amazing team of associates at PCI. We believe passionately in unlocking human potential (one of our five core values). Focusing here not only elevates the well-being of our team at PCI but also results in a higher level of service for our clients. Because happy, engaged associates are much more likely to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.  

And, what do happy clients do? They buy more stuff. They tell their friends and peers. Happy clients = happy company.

On recent Fridays, we’ve been exploring PCI’s 2022 theme: New Frontiers. As we answer this call to adventure, we seek to Dream Big, Play Hard, and Love Always.

For us, delighting our clients is a big part of our “Love Always” mindset. In 2022, we are dedicating ourselves to finding new and exciting ways to provide value [hyperlink] to our clients.  

We are also exploring how we can best show up for our clients as we seek to make their lives better.  

We have chosen to focus on the word DELIGHT. We plan to use this word to focus our organization and define a new and improved set of client promises. Here is an early version of how we intend to show up so we can delight our clients:  

D – I DELIVER a wow experience to our clients and my colleagues.

E – I am EMPOWERED to do the right thing.

L – I LISTEN to understand so that I meet and exceed the needs of every client.

I – I am at the center of client delight. I can build or repair or solidify a relationship with every decision and in every interaction.

G – I GIVE my full attention in each moment.

H – I HELP by finding solutions.

T – I build TRUST with every action.

More next week!  


Reflection: What mindset is required to delight my clients? What must I think, say, and do to make it so?

Action: Journal about my answers to the questions above.

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