The purpose of RiseWithDrew is simple: share one idea each day that we can put into action.

The power is in the consistency.  One idea we can put into action.  Each day.  Every day.

Together, we capitalize on the power of compound interest.  Together, we get better at getting better.  Together, we live better lives. 

Today I’m starting an experiment where on Fridays I will share something we are doing at PCI – either an idea, a best practice or perhaps just something we are working on.  

Let’s start with PCI’s business strategy. 

Which is to be a great place to work.

Perhaps you’re thinking, that’s unusual.

Because when we hear the phrase “great place to work,” our minds default to foozball tables in the break room, chair massages, or perhaps tapping a keg on Friday afternoon so everyone can enjoy a cold beverage.

Perks like these aren’t a bad thing, but I’d suggest they have little to do with being a great place to work.

Being a great place to work is not about offering more perks.  Rather, it involves some combination of the following elements.  Think of it as a rich, tasty stew with a selection of delicious ingredients:

  • What is our PURPOSE?  Above and beyond making money, what difference do we make?  What is the meaning in our work?
  • Having a clear VISION for the future.  Where do we want to go and why?
  • Having a clear set of VALUES which we use to attract talent and look to when we make decisions, big and small
  • A commitment to LEARNING & GROWTH.  It’s all about unlocking human potential.  Are the people around us learning, growing, and getting better?  
  • Leading as SERVANT LEADERS.  First, leadership is a mindset, not a title.  Second, everyone, every day is expected to be a leader.  

Our business strategy at PCI is summarized by the following equation: 

Happy associates = Happy clients = Happy company

[Note: we “borrowed” this from Herb Kelleher at Southwest Airlines who said: “Happy employees = Happy customers.”  We just like our words better…]

Most organizations talk about wanting to make their clients happy.  The unlocking move here is to make the leap to understand if we want happy clients (of course we do), it starts with happy associates.  

The bottom line?

Someone who loves their job, who loves coming to work, who loves their colleagues, who loves what they do, is much more likely to put in the extra effort to take care of our clients.

Imagine for a moment we are about to make a significant purchase.  Imagine we have a choice between working with someone who loves their job and someone who hates their job.  

Who would we rather work with?  Where are we going to have the best experience?  

What happens if something goes wrong and we’re stuck with option two?¬†How’s that going to go?

Not great.

When given the choice, we choose to work with the person who loves their job.  

Which is why the best places to work regularly outperform all other companies.

More next week!


Reflection:  What could I do to make my workplace a better place to work?  Identify one thing.

Action:  Start working on it.  When?  Today.

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