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Let’s say we’re going to buy something.

It’s a significant purchase.  We’re going to lay out some of our hard-earned cash.

Imagine we have two options.

Option one?  We purchase at a store where we get to work with someone who loves their job.

They love what they do.

They love the people they work with.

And they love serving clients.

That’s option one.

Option two?  We get stuck with a “clock puncher: “an employee working at a business who couldn’t care less.

They couldn’t care less about us, the potential customers.

They couldn’t care less about the products or services they are selling.

They couldn’t care less about the company they work for.

The big question running through their mind is…


Or, “When can I get the heck out of here?!?”

That’s option two.

2: Question: Where are we going to have a better experience?  Option one or two?

Or, “What happens if there’s a problem and we’re stuck with option two?” How’s that going to go? 

Which is why we choose option one. 

We prefer to work with organizations that hire, train, and retain people who love what they do.

In other words, we choose to work with organizations that are great places to work.

3: What is the stock market performance of Fortune magazine’s Best Companies to Work?  These companies outperform the rest of the market by more than a factor of 2. 

That’s right.  Double.

Turns out the great management thinker Peter Drucker was right: “Culture does eat strategy for breakfast.”

More next week!


Reflection: What is the best customer service experience I’ve had recently?  What is the worst? 

Action: Commit to being a great place to work!

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