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There are two ways we can measure our progress, Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy tell us in their book The Gap and the Gain.

The first way is to compare where we are now against our ideal. The ideal is where we wish we were. It shows up as a hope or an expectation. Many times, it’s a comparison with something or someone else. Like: “Their house is bigger or nicer than mine.”

When we measure our progress this way, we are living in what Dan calls “the GAP.”

There is, however, a different way of measuring our progress. When we measure where we are now backward versus where we started, we are living in the “GAIN.”

When we focus on the GAIN, we appreciate all the progress we have made.

2: Something that can quickly put us into the GAP?

Social media.

Dan and Ben write: “Billions of dollars are spent every day. . . to subconsciously manipulate people’s identity, our desires, and our behaviors.”

If we aren’t careful, we become conditioned to compare our situation and circumstances with all our “friends” on social media. 

Before we know it, we’re experiencing FOMO or Fear of Missing Out.

One thing we know for certain: somewhere, someone is doing something cooler than we are. Every time our phone beeps or buzzes, we are alerted to that reality.

3: Our happiness is largely determined by what we measure ourselves against. 

“Measuring ourselves against someone else puts us in the GAP,” Dan and Ben write.

When we measure backward and see all our progress, we aren’t comparing our situation to others. When we do this, we are living our lives in the GAIN, not the GAP.

Which is a much cooler place to be!

More next week!


Reflection: How do I typically measure my progress? Do I measure where I am against my ideal? Or backward from where I started?

Action: Share the GAP and the GAIN with someone I love and care about.

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