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In 2004, Tiger Woods was the #1 ranked golfer in the world. He had won eight major championships. He was the most dominant player in golf.

And, he decided to change his golf swing.

His decision to rebuild his swing was not the first time he had done so. Shortly after turning pro and winning his first major championship, Tiger had completely reengineered his swing.  

Nor would it be the last time. Six years later, in 2010, after winning six more majors, he would overhaul his swing again.

Tiger’s intense desire to improve and willingness to take significant risks are powerful examples of what is required if we want to succeed at the highest levels.  

We all have a winning formula. A way of succeeding in the world.  

However, what works at the current level will not necessarily work at the next level.  

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. That’s what Marshall Goldsmith tells us in his book by the same name.

In Stagen’s Integral Leadership Program, they call it “the paradox of success.” The superstar salesperson who gets promoted and must reinvent themselves to succeed as a sales manager. The inventive engineer who prefers to work alone but decides to collaborate with others to complete an important project. The leader who has a proven track record of persuading others who chooses to learn how to listen.

It takes real courage to change what’s worked. To reinvent ourselves. But this is the skill required if we want to continue learning and growing.

2: Sometimes, this move is from “socially-defined” to “self-authoring.” We ask: Who’s writing the story of our lives? We begin to question the lessons we learned while growing up. From our family. What we were taught in school. What we learned from our friends. And from the media that surrounds us.

This journey is one of self-discovery. Becoming the author of our own life.

3: It begins with awareness. Are we playing out a script that has been handed to us?

With awareness comes the ability to make choices.  

We ask: What makes for a successful life? What does it mean to be more fully alive? To live by a higher standard?

And: What is the next version of ourselves?

More next week. I hope you have a GREAT weekend!  


Reflection: What makes for a successful life? What does it mean to be more fully alive? To live by a higher standard? What is the next version of myself?

Action: Journal my answers to the questions above.

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