Yesterday we explored the idea when attempting to persuade another human being, we are wise to begin with connection and relationship rather than the logic of what we believe.  

The same rule applies when we are presenting to a group, Stephen Covey tells us in The 8th Habit.

We begin with ethos, our personal credibility, essentially the trust we inspire, the belief people have in our integrity and competence. If people doubt our credibility, our chances of persuading them are nil. 

Makes sense.  

Next, we focus on pathos, an appeal to our audience’s feelings or emotions.  Our goal is to empathize, to get into their frame of mind, to demonstrate we understand them in depth.    

When we demonstrate a deep understanding of our audience’s mindset and concerns, we significantly increase the impact of our message.  

Finally, we carefully explain the logic or reasoning behind our request.

Note the sequence: ethos, pathos, logic: our character, our relationships, and then our logic. 


Reflection:  Reflect on a particularly powerful speech you have heard.  How did I feel inside?

Action:  The next time I speak to a group, be intentional about focusing on the feelings or mindset of whom I am presenting to before sharing my logic or reasoning.

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