In Darren Hardy’s terrific book The Compound Effect, he shares a story about a time when as a young man he attended a seminar on being successful.  The instructor asked the group, “What percentage of shared responsibility do you have for making a relationship work?”  

Darren blurted out: “50/50.”  It was obvious to him both people must be willing to share the responsibility evenly or someone was getting “ripped off.”  

Another participant shouted out 51/49 saying that you must be willing to do more than the other person.  80/20, yelled another.

The instructor then wrote 100/0 on the white board in big black letters.  He told the participants you must be willing to give 100 percent with zero expectation of receiving anything in return.  Only then will a relationship work.

The same holds true for trust.  Taking responsibility for being 100% trustworthy is the critical first step in building high trust relationships.  Only when we are trustworthy – our actions, our words, our intent – will the conditions be right to create high trust relationships.  

The big lesson for today is building trust starts with being trustworthy and that’s something we control. 

Reflection: What has been successful for us in the past to create high trust relationships?

Action: What is one action we could take today to rise up to our best self versus how we are showing up in the present moment?

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