We’ve prepared for and held our annual planning session with our leadership team.  

We’ve articulated our long-term vision and agreed upon our HOT, our Huge, Outrageous Target.  

We’ve outlined our roadmap for the year ahead.

Now what?

Step one “is calling a company-wide meeting and sending an all-company recap video from the CEO,” Mark Moses and his co-authors write in Making Big Happen: Applying The Make Big Happen System to Grow Big.

The top leader needs to share their perspective on “the state of the industry, the state of the company, the annual goals, and the company-wide initiatives.”

We outline “who is responsible for what by when,” they suggest.  We should highlight our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and bring them to life so all team members understand their importance: “Talk about how each person in the company can contribute to hitting the BIG goals and the impact that will make for them as individuals, for the company, the customers, and the community.”

Clear and consistent communication is the key.  Success is an organization-wide initiative.  Everyone needs “to know the annual plan and receive regular updates and feedback along the way on how the firm is progressing on achieving its goals and completing the initiatives,” write Mark and his co-authors.

More tomorrow.


Reflection: How well do we communicate our key annual metrics and initiatives to our entire organization?

Action: Commit to communicating our annual plan to kick off the year and then deliver a quarterly update.  

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