The brilliant management thinker Ichak Adizes tells us: “Energy is fixed and predictably allocated.”

Energy flows internally first.  

Whatever remains is available to pursue external goals. The more energy we have to deal with market and the competition, the more successful we will be.  

When there is strife and dysfunction inside our organization, all available energy is spent here. No energy remains to deal with the outside world.  

Successful organizations don’t squander the available energy internally dealing with each other.  

Instead, they create and build what Ichak calls Mutual Trust and Respect (MT&R).

Trust is built around shared interests. Mutual respect involves recognizing the right of the other person to think differently.  

More tomorrow.

[H/T to Greg Magennis for introducing me Ichak’s framework]


Reflection: Reflect on the current percentage of energy currently being spent dealing with internal vs. external issues.   

Action:  Have a conversation with colleagues about taking action to build mutual trust and respect.

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