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Last month, we received some exciting news.  Fortune magazine named PCI the #55 Best Medium Workplace in the U.S. This represented the achievement of our long-term vision for PCI we had first put forward in 1999.     

Last Friday, we explored the power of having a long-term vision. This week, we’ll look at another type of vision, the 3-Year Picture, a key component of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Most business models jump from a 10-year, big, hairy, audacious goal to annual goals. The 3-year Picture is a powerful “in-between” stage. Here, we are encouraged to stretch our thinking, to push to the very edge of what is possible in the next 36 months.  

As a leadership team, we ask and discuss: if we executed at a very high level, what could we accomplish in the next three years? Three years out, what will be our target revenue, profit, and other key, high-level metrics for our organization?

Next, as a team, we brainstorm 10 to 20 succinct actions or objectives that we want to make happen in the next three years. Doing so creates a snapshot of what our business will look like. These bullets may include the number and quality of people, new products, client mix, technology needs, as well as the new systems, processes, and resources required.  

Painting this “picture” of what is possible is tremendously motivating. Having everyone on the same page, working toward a set of common objectives which are clearly understood, provides all of us with a clear plan for success.

At PCI, as part of our 3-year Picture, we’ve put forward a bold objective to increase revenue from $63 million in 2020 to $100 million in 2024.  

This goal is incredibly ambitious for us, right on the edge of what might be possible.

And that’s the point. As soon as we articulated this 3- Picture, the energy in the room changed. Gulp. Achieving this type of growth requires new thinking. New approaches. New people. New systems.

Time to get started!

More next week!  


Reflection: Stretch my thinking and imagine what I could accomplish in the next three years. Be specific.

Action: Journal about my 3-year Picture.

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