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Over the past several Fridays, we’ve created our “Life’s Board of Directors,” considered the specific impact these people have had on our lives, and last week, we reached out to let them know how much we appreciate them.  

There is, however, one more takeaway from this exercise.  

How can we “pay it forward”?

As we look at our list, we can ask ourselves: How do we want to show up for the people we love and care about?

Like everything that matters, we can be intentional about it.  

We can be the person who stands by someone during a time of trauma or heartbreak. We can offer words of encouragement. We can be there.  

We can reach out and make an introduction for someone. We can give our time to someone in need. Or someone who needs the experience and wisdom we already possess.  

Perhaps most importantly, we can challenge someone to be their very best. We may tell them, “I believe you can do better than this.” Or “You have to take a different approach.”

As leaders at work or in our community, we can be deliberate about investing time in people and developing trusting relationships.

Shouldn’t one of our goals be to earn a spot on other people’s life’s board of directors?

I hope you have a GREAT weekend!  

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Reflection: How do I want to show up for the people I love and care about?

Action: Be intentional about showing up this way.

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