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Last year we achieved our long-term vision.  So, this year we are rolling out a new long-term vision: To raise $1 Billion in contributions for our clients and partners, which are universities and non-profit organizations.

Our new vision commits us to a new direction.  Our long-term success is now connected to the success of our clients and partners.  We are successful as we help them to become successful.  Very exciting!

Articulating our new long-term vision led us to reconsider our purpose.  Purpose describes the difference we want to make in the world.  

Author Simon Sinek tells us purpose answers the “Why” question: “Every single company and organization on the planet knows WHAT they do,” he writes in Start with Why.  “Some companies and people know HOW they do WHAT they do.”

Yet, very few know WHY they do what they do.  Simon asks: “By WHY I mean what is our purpose, cause or belief?  WHY does our company exist?  WHY do we get out of bed every morning?  And WHY should anyone care?”

At PCI, our purpose has been “To inspire dreams and transform lives.” Through our work, we strengthen the ability of universities and non-profit organizations to inspire dreams and transform lives.

Over the past five years, we have developed a new capability to serve our clients: interviewing alumni and donors about how the institution has impacted their lives, editing those stories so our partners can use those stories in their communications and fundraising, and then helping them preserve these stories for generations to come.  

To date, we have collected more than 1.7 million stories.

Last year, we engaged a third party to research the impact that telling a story has on alumni and donors.  The results were clear: Donors who told a story are significantly more likely to support their institution than those who do not tell a story.  More non-donors become first-time donors.  Current donors give more.  Lapsed donors who tell a story are 6X more likely to renew their giving than those who do not tell a story.

So, in addition to articulating a new long-term vision, we decided the time is right to revise our purpose to: “We capture, curate, and preserve the world’s stories.”

As we articulate and bring our new purpose to life, we aim to energize our associates to ask better questions, find new ways to contribute, and take action to increase our long-term sustainability.

I’m super excited about this new direction.  Much more to come in the weeks, months, and years ahead!

More next week!


Reflection: What is the meaning in my work?  Whom do we serve?  What difference do I make?  

Action: Journal my answers to the questions above.

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